the iconizer (iconizer) wrote,
the iconizer

this is transrelativity's icon journal.

  • all icons are made on a commission-only basis. i don't make generic icons. therefore, please DO NOT TAKE OR USE any icon that was not specifically made for you. someone else is already using it.

  • commissions are completed according to the whim of the creator. this is not a first-come, first-served basis; i will complete icons according to mood and/or time constraints.

  • any given commission request is not guaranteed to be completed.

  • commission requests have a tendancy to be filled with greater alacrity if pictures are supplied along with the request, but it is not necessary to do so.

  • i use photoshop 7.0 and imageready to create my icons. please browse through the existing icons before requesting a commission to get an idea of what i can and can't do.

  • if a completed commission is not to your satisfaction, please feel free to request modification.

  • all icons will be displayed in transrelativity's icon gallery

  • icons must be credited when used, either in keywords or userinfo, and may be signed. please do not attempt to remove the signature.

  • all icons are completed for free, but throwing a bit of paid lj time transrelativity's way is always appreciated :)
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