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iconizer's Journal

the iconizer
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this is transrelativity's icon journal.

  • all icons are made on a commission-only basis. i don't make generic icons. therefore, please DO NOT TAKE OR USE any icon that was not specifically made for you unless otherwise specified. someone else is already using it.

  • commissions are completed according to the whim of the creator. this is not a first-come, first-served basis; i will complete icons according to mood and/or time constraints.

  • any given commission request is not guaranteed to be completed.

  • commission requests have a tendancy to be filled with greater alacrity if pictures are supplied along with the request, but it is not necessary to do so.

  • i use photoshop 7.0 and imageready to create my icons. please browse through the existing icons before requesting a commission to get an idea of what i can and can't do.

  • if a completed commission is not to your satisfaction, please feel free to request modification.

  • all icons will be displayed in transrelativity's icon gallery

  • icons must be credited when used, either in keywords or userinfo, and may be signed. please do not attempt to remove the signature.

  • all icons are completed for free, but throwing a bit of paid lj time transrelativity's way is always appreciated :)

how to give credit:

paste this text into your userinfo and in the keyword for that icon:

"icon name" icon by the [lj user="iconizer"]

and then replace [ and ] with < and > and "icon name" with the name of your new icon

you can modify your userinfo by mousing over the "manage" tab on the blue floating menu at the top of the livejournal screen and then clicking on "info." you can edit your keywords by mousing over "manage" again and clicking on "user pictures."

if you want to be super-cool, you can add "iconizer" and/or "the iconizer" to your interests, too. ^_^